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Website Development Update (December 2020)
Posted On: 14th December 2020 at 3:37pm

Apologies for the lack of updates guys, it has been a significantly busy month for development here at NerdyBits and we have a lot to share with you today!

We have begun work on the online store! Although we still aren't quite at a point where products can actually be ordered online, you should find that you are now able to perform the following actions;
  • Browse Products
  • Search Products
  • Filter Products By Category
  • View Product Information
  • Add Products To Your Cart
In the background we have also custom built a control panel for managing stock lines, available quantities and batch numbers so its a lot easier for us to keep track of whats available and what we need to order more of.

A large part of our focus has been on user registration and email verification. We can now say that this is now possible on both PC and mobile layouts! We have tried to make user registration as painless as possible and as a result the whole process takes less than 1 minute! So what are you waiting for? Get yourself registered, there will be additional functionality and bonuses for logged in users coming very soon...

You may have noticed that we are introducing online bonus ball raffles and are currently in the middle of adding the functionality to the website. We are committed to making these raffles as fair and transparent as possible and would like to tailor them to what you guys are looking for. If you have a great idea for a prize then feel free to reach out to us and suggest it!

We have also implemented a number of background changes including a full financial management console, automatic server DNS monitoring, a new Internet provider for our data center with double the previous available throughput speeds and a number of software tweaks to our server hardware.

Coming Soon!
  • Verify Mobile Number
  • Enable 2FA By Email
  • Enable 2FA By SMS
  • Add a Product Review
  • View & Edit Shopping Cart
  • Checkout Shopping Cart
  • Import Cart From Other Devices
  • New Raffle Notifications
  • Purchase Raffle Credits
  • Purchase Raffle Tickets
  • Raffle FAQ Page (Raffle Help)
  • List News Article Comments
  • Post Comments on News Article
  • Admin Comment Management Options
Phew, I mean... Things may look quiet, but trust us when I say that the team are working feverishly hard to ensure that we build a system tailored to offering the best possible service we can in the most efficient way possible!

Until next time...
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